Like The Girls
Who Wear Pink

From the future, an autistic woman sends a message of caution to her younger self. And what she must hide in order to survive.

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I want to convey that there are so many neurodiverse individuals who are having internal struggles that others can't imagine. They also have external differences that make them stand out. 


I hope to affect people into having a change of heart about that kid they may have teased growing up, and to open their eyes as to what that kid may have been going through. Not to shame them, but to help them be better allies today. I want to encourage others to help support, give hope and chances to autistic people and people with disabilities in general. 


As my brother says- I was a bright light simmering on low, and I just needed that breath of oxygen to help me grow and shine bright. What would happen if we breathed that oxygen into all people with disabilities? 


I bet the world would be better for it.


-Jennifer Msumba

Brittany Phiilips, Jennifer Msumba and Tony Armer