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“I have lived through some horrible experiences, all in the name of treatment. But there was one thing I never let those people steal from me, and that was my spirit.”

Shouting At Leaves takes the reader on the journey of its autistic writer from toddlerhood to adulthood. With humor and grace, this book walks you through the mind and experiences of Jennifer as she navigates the world of family, friendships and school life. It places you with her as she is confined in the mental health system, and you will cheer her on as she not only survives but takes on a new life of freedom and joy in the end. She shares stories, tips, and strategies to equip you to be your own champion, and to build around you people who are loyal and true




The Roommates
The Fish Don't Care When It Rains
The Swing


"Life is a test, and I'm
going to pass"

-  Jennifer Msumba

Jennifer Msumba uses music to take abstract feelings and write them into a relatable tune that everyone can get behind. She also just enjoys getting people sing along with her upbeat songs. Jennifer is on the autism spectrum and she believes that this gives her a unique view of the world with which to write songs.

She is also an award winning filmmaker won the top prize in the 2020 Easterseals Disability challenge with her film The Fish Don't Care When It Rains.


Jen’s ever-increasing tribe of 31,000 YouTube followers also enjoy a steady diet of her videos and interviews on her channel.

She has also written a book, so look for that to be out soon!

Photo By: Brittany Simcic






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